Skidmore and Scudamore

Family History

The website of the

Skidmore/Scudamore One-Name Study

and the Skidmore Family History Group

As a One-Name Study we have a worldwide coverage,

researching the surnames

Scudamore,  Skidmore,   Scidmore,  Sidmore,    Skidgmore,   Skinmore,   Skitmore.

On this site you will find not only databases of births, marriages, deaths, censuses, etc.

but also written accounts describing what we know of the family worldwide.

These files are the result of years of research and you might, if you are lucky, be able to get back hundreds of years in your line.

   There are various paths to get to

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You can discover how your family relates to our

Earliest Ancestor           

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Principal Branches of the Family

and discover how and when they spread.

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               family lines were in the UK 100-150 years ago;

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