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The family included three Members of Parliament.

Journals of the House of Commons ..., Volume 51,

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons, 1796.

John Scudamore of Kentchurch Court (1727-1796),

Member of Parliament for Hereford 1764-1796.

Here a member of a Court Martial.

For an in-depth account of the family history at Kentchurch, please see

The Skydmores/ Scudamores of Rowlestone, Herefordshire, including their descendants at Kentchurch, Llancillo, Magor & Ewyas Harold, edited by Linda Moffatt 2016, from the original work of Warren Skidmore.

Minor files of interest:

Notes on Kentchurch Court made by Warren Skidmore in 1989 and 1993.

Family History Group Gatherings

at Kentchurch


Skydmore family and Owain Glyn-Dwr

A Revisionist’s look at the Skydmore-Glyn Dwr Alliance.

Owain Glyndwr (c. 1349-1416) was the last native Welsh person to hold the title Prince of Wales.

His daughter Alice was the second wife of Sir John Skydmore of Kentchurch. In 1430 (shortly after the death of Glyndwr's last son Maredudd) he and his wife Alice made an effort to reclaim her father's estates at Sycharth and Glyndyfrdwy from the Beauforts who had had the custody of them since 1400. This was not only unsuccessful but Edmund Beaufort threw Skydmore's Welsh marriage in his face in Parliament in 1433 and on 8 August 1433 secured Sir John's dismissal as constable of Carmarthen Castle (to which he had been appointed by Prince Henry in 1405) and all his other public offices by virtue of a forgotten statute of 1402 which forbade any Englishman of the alliance of Glyndwr from holding any office. Sir John retired to Kentchurch where he died two years later.